Entries by Chris Myers

New HORSCH Maestro Drill

Thanks to Claas Eastern and Horsch UK for delivering an installing our new Horsch Maestro 12CV just in time for us to start drilling some maize. This new drill will plant our maize and sunflowers in the Spring, then our OSR in the Autumn. Having the bulk seed hopper should help improve efficiency, by cutting […]

Drilling Vining Peas

It was good to see our Vining Peas drilled last weekend. They have gone into good seedbeds, with plenty of moisture, so hopefully germination will be fast and uniform. #Rockscpape #ViningPeas #BritishFarming

Professional Development

Continuing our commitment to professional growth, our Business Manager, Carrie, embarked on her Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership with the University of Hull this week. We’re dedicated to fostering leadership excellence within our team! 📚✨ #ProfessionalDevelopment #StaffCPD #WomenInLeadership

Applying Liquid Digestate

JW Beaumont and Hyslops and son have been doing a great job of getting digestate spread onto our winter and spring cereals. Here Hyslop’s can be seen giving our Forage Rye crops it’s final nutrition before we harvest them in July for use on the AD plant. This is a little later than we would […]

New Addition to the AD Lab

Training day in the lab for Sally. We have recently purchased a BMP machine for in house testing of our incoming feedstocks and digesters. We are always striving for consistency and quality within our process and this will help ensure we achieve that. #Rockscape #ADPlant

Increasing Our Drilling Capacity

Meet the fleet! Here are some further recent additions to the Rockscape fleet. We have Marlon in the new FENDT 724, the Camfab smart box, and the Horsch Pronto drill. The main role of the pronto will be to assist in cover crop drilling in the summer while levelling and lightly tilling the top behind […]

Our oil seed rape (OSR) is in full bloom

Our oil seed rape (OSR) is in full bloom currently. It has been a hard year for establishing crops of OSR, the droughts in September led to the crops being very slow to get going, leaving them susceptible to damage from Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle (CSFB). The crops that made it through to the winter […]

Patching Winter Cereals

We recently took our HORSCH avatar drill back out to patch up areas in our winter crops. These fields have been submerged for some time due to constant rainfall this winter. Many of these areas have now been drained to allow the water to recede, hopefully addressing some of our drainage issues. However, as always, […]

Rolling Winter Wheat

Here’s Marlon out in the field putting his new Fendt 724 to use rolling our winter wheat with the 12m rolls. Rolling is crucial to us on the lighter soils to aid with manganese deficiency. #Rockscape #BritishFarming

Spraying our Oil Seed Rape

Here’s Kieran out with the 36m Agrifac Condor 5, sneaking another tank of spray onto the oil seed rape while the weather allows, its been a tricky spring so far, all the rain and wind haven’t been on our side for applications, So luckily on good days Kieran has put the hours in and got […]