Green-winged Orchids and Burnt-tip orchids

Some of the rare plants that grow on parts of the land we manage are Green-winged Orchids and Burnt-tip orchids. Most notable in 2022 for the Green-winged orchids were the 38 plants in the recently restored Potato patch indicating that this area is now becoming MG5 (diverse grassland) and is working its way toward being fully restored. Also of note for this species was that it was a very good seed set year, the last two years have been very poor so it was good to see hundreds of pods with hundreds of thousands of seeds.

The main notable plant success in 2022 however is the rarest plant in the meadow – Burnt-tip Orchid. Although it wasn’t a record year like 2021 there were still 79 flowering plants found which gives 3 good years in a row (burnt tips are notorious for having rest years so often you only ever see 15% of the colony). Also notable was more new growing colonies across the site and this will have been helped by another good seed set year. Very few colonies of this species in the UK are increasing, with many now down to just a few individuals or one plant, so this colony is bucking the trend and is genetically important.

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